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MG MGB Technical - BGT Chrome qtr light vs Stainless qtr ligh

Would the complete stainless quarter light assembly from a rubber number BGT fit a late 60,s Bgt instead of the Chrome unit as fitted as standard?
R Mcknight

Yes. That's what I've done on my 1969 GT which had pitted chrome frames. Stainless front quarter lights are identical. On the rear quarter windows (behind the seats) the hinges are different, but they still fit.
Mike Howlett

i have a newly chromed q'light. never seen the light of day. had it done a few years ago but never used (or assembled), if you are interested let me know. drop me an email.
Graham Moore

in fact, would need to check if gt or roadster.
Graham Moore

Mike how difficult is it to fit the rear windows as well , you say the hinges are different but will fit . How different and what’s involved?
R Mcknight

Rear hinges - I'm pretty sure the early ones have a piano-type hinge, full length. The later have a short, thin stainless strip bent into a U top and bottom as the angle change between open and closed is negligible.


Here you go. I have been up in my loft and found both types of rear quarter light frame. In the photo you can see that the "hinges" on the stainless one line up perfectly with the top and bottom screws on the original chrome frame. The stainless window is perfectly secure with just two screws, and as Paul mentioned the slight opening angle is effected by the "hinge" bending.

Mike Howlett

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