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MG MGB Technical - Body work... What is this stuff?

Hello all
I'm trying to find out what the bead of tar like substance that was used around most of the body seams in my car. It was painted over and still remained somewhat playable. The only thing I was able to find at the body supply shop was 3M Ultrpro sealant seam sealer. What does everyone else use? TIA

Dave Noe

I have similar goo in the boot - mine appears to be a bitumun (not sure of the correct spelling)sealant.

Dunlop seam sealer when I restored mine 22 years ago. or

There can be bitumen 'rope' seal between the wings and the infill sections of the boot floor as that is an actual gap, and not an overlapping seal like with floor pans and the like.
PaulH Solihull

Thanks guys
The Dunlop sealant is brushed on, Not that that wouldn't work for me it probably would. I was looking for something thicker probably applied by a caulking gun. The material that was on there has the consistency of the material that is used on windshields but was not pressed into the corners but applied. I'm not even sure if I need to put anything back in there as long as everything is cleaned up and painted. not trying to make this a bigger project than needed.
Thanks again
Dave Noe

Surely not what was used at the factory, but I used BoatLife.
David Werblow

Thanks Dave
I wound up using the 3M Ultrapro Sealant. Already spent the $17 a tube. Afterwards I found a product at Lowes called Speed Fill Made by Black Jack which in my crude testing had the same exact consistency as the 3M product for only $6 a tube and it came in black. Thank again
/Dave N
Dave Noe

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