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MG MGB Technical - Bronze Yellow Colour matches

My car was repsrayed Bronze yellow, the original colour, before I bought it. The touch up paints seem a bit light and when taking bits apart to replace windows and trim I have found the new colour is a bit more orange and darker than the original.
I do remember someone saying it was another colour other than Bronze yellow as their car was the exact same, slightly non original colour.
Would anybody have any idea what the colour is likely to be, it would have to be something close to the original and chosen more than once as the nearest equivalent.....
I thought maybe the paint that you sometimes see on the BMW minis?

My V8 is Bronze Yellow, as was my first Midget. The V8 had many areas of original paintwork, but when I rebuilt it I took the GT lock cover off and compared it with exterior areas of original paint. The lock plate was much darker. I assumed, as is usual, that the external Yellow had faded somewhat. Interestingly the paint suppliers, computer mix, was somewhere in between. As I preferred this slightly more yellow than bronze, I settled for that. What it looked like in broad daylight, off the production line, who knows, but..........
The photo is a 1973 BL publicity shot of my car, which is pretty close to what I have now.
The darker lock plate may have also been affected by the P O being a smoker!!

Allan Reeling

Mine was originally Bronze Yellow. I took it to a paint factor who matched it. But it was 2004, cellulose. I recall it was the same as a Komatsu (Digger!) colour. But after a re-spray I guess it could be almost anything as the colour would have been matched by the sprayer in whatever light etc
Michael Beswick

That picture looks just like the colour on my car, the touch up paint however is slightly yellower and lighter.
I have some touching up to do and would like to fit a ST spoiler to help stability but want thenm to at least look like the right colour!

The colour code is actually BLVC 15 if that's any use at all. The car is painted in 2 pack. Three years ago I had some morons run into it and had to get more paint mixed, the code gets you almost there but it still needs a tint or two to get it right.
Allan Reeling

I don't know why paint colours for older cars are never quite right, whereas for a modern car, touch-up paint is an exact match. I have at least three lots of paint all purporting to be BL Delft Blue, the colour of my MGB GT, and all are slightly different.

I know Delft Blue is a Triumph colour, not an MG colour, but that's what my car is painted in.
Mike Howlett

I am going to look through the documentation I got with the car and see if any paint code is mentioned, otherwise I will order up some BLVC15/FMF Bronze Yellow and do what I can.

I'm fairly sure that BMC/BL were not that accurate in mixing their colours in the first place. I would guess that cars coming out of Abingdon had variable "shades" depending on the mix used!
Allan Reeling

Looking at the documentation I got when I bought the car it says respray where required and blend in with existing paintwork. There is no paint code but it does say Bronze Yellow.
Looking at the car closely you can see panels like the bonnet landing panel have not been resprayed and are slightly lighter than the visible outer panels of the car. Its not much lighter and may be just fading but it is definitely lighter.
Looks like a can of BLVC15 and some T cut are whats called for

"I'm fairly sure that BMC/BL were not that accurate in mixing their colours in the first place"

Well, their paint suppliers at any rate. It's why - and for fading - some places scan existing paint for a colour match.

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