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MG MGB Technical - cleaning carb bodies

I am rebuilding my HIF4 carbs and would like to know of any good methods to get the outsides of the bodies clean and looking nice.


Ben Stone

Hi Ben,
My car has a PO installed Weber conversion and when I had the head rebuilt (broken exhaust valve) I took the time to clean the carb. I used standard carb spray cleaner, spray and liquid, and an old plastic toothbrush. The carb cleaned up nicely.
J Mancone

Carb cleaner and a fine scotchbrite, but no abrasive inside dashpot or on piston. Ideally, see if you can get the use of an ultrasonic cleaner.
Allan Reeling

I like to limit the exposure of carb cleaner to carburetor parts. If I do use carb cleaner, I rinse the parts off in hot water.

When I rebuild carburetors, I like to soda blast them using a siphon pick up in a box of baking soda. Then I simply rinse in water.

Dave Braun

Ben, Dave is quite right nothing like a mild soda blast. Then if you are really keen, the small polishing parts that come with the small electric suspension motors are great( cannot for the life of me remember the name!) My Dash pots of the Su carbs look like chrome, but they are not, I simply polished them.
Ahhh, Dremmel! Mike
J.M. Doust


I use a couple of ways to get a brighter, even finish on cast barb bodies (not the float bowl lids or suction chambers!!!), and sometimes both.

1) Diluted phosphoric acid sprayed on and scrubbed in with bronze wool followed up with a brass brush and rinsed with water (wear saftey glasses and acid resistant gloves, of course);

2) I turn the pressure down to about 50 or 60 psi on my blasting cabinet (glass beads) so the metal doesn't get etched and blast with all carb orifices plugged or masked, followed with a brass brush.

I prefer the second - much less toxic and no hazardous materials issues.

To make it last, spray with something like Eastwood's Diamond Clear.

Greg Van Hook


On my concourse cars i have the carbs vapour blasted but on a mini i was doing i put them in the dishwasher(got a right mouthful from the wife).
They did come out every well so i would try that first.


Ste Brown

This thread was discussed on 28/11/2011

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