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MG MGB Technical - Clips

Having just finished the floors and sills on my '69 B GT, I am starting to put the new pipes, harness etc on before hoping to get it back on the undercarriage soon!

Are the flat type clips, sorry no idea what the are called, that fit in the "cleats" at various places. If they are does anyone have part number's and a supplier where I can get my hands on some.

Cheers Tony

Tony Brough


I'm at a similar stage myself.

Ashley Hinton reproduces clips and rubbers for mounting the wiring and pipework.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Dave

I've already got them and the other one for the crossmember. It's the flat type at the bottom of the image I'm after.
Tony Brough


They are called "P clips", I buy mine here :
Sébastien Canevet

Thanks Sebastian

It's not the P clips I'm after,it's the flattish ones at the bottom of the picture.

Tony Brough

Are they for brake lines? Moss book shows a AHC171
'clip pipe to inner valence' that is flat and takes one pipe.
NLA at Moss - but Lacey seem to list it.

richard boobier

Brown & Gammons are showing the flat type (multiple cables/pipes) as AH60 at £2.70

Thanks Richard and Paul

They are the ones, I will pop into Leacy as they only a few miles away.


Tony Brough

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