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MG MGB Technical - Clutch Slave cylinder

We are trying to bleed the slave cylinder but can't get the bleeder to open.
Have been spraying it with PB Blaster but was wondering can we apply heat to it or should it just be soaked?
Bruce and Shaun
B Barbour

Sorry the car is a 1972 MGB. I'm not sure how to edit the post.
B Barbour

You can certainly apply heat to the cylinder adjacent to the nipple but you may damage the internal piston seal. I think I'd persevere a bit longer with PB Blaster before going for the heat otherwise you may just have to fit a new seal kit as well.
Iain MacKintosh

When I need local heat, I hold a 40w solderering iron on for a few minutes.
c cummins

No matter which method you use to break the rust try shocking it. With a socket and bar on the bleeder screw rap the end of the bar repeatedly with a mallet or your hand. I like to attempt to tighten it slightly first before loosening it. I have never had one that would not loosen using this method. If you just plain pull on the bar the bleeder may break off.

Good Luck,

Just wanted to get back band let you knowShaun got the bleeder loose last nite while I was at work. He followed all of the above suggestions. We havePB Blasted for about 5 days , tried moving with a quarter inch deep socket. He heated with a commercial soldering iron, tapped with a hammer, and then used an adapted breaker bar it moved and he reduced to the 1/4 drive to get it out. I am now going to look at it and see the leak he found.
B Barbour

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