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MG MGB Technical - Clutch slave flex line

Is it possible to replace the clutch slave flex hose without removing the starter motor? I can't seem to get a wrench on any part of the fittings. I think I've done this job before but I can't remember how I did it, or even if I might have had the engine out. Any recommendations?

'66 B roadster, 4 synchro trans

Use a open ended spanner to undo the solid line from above, then use a deep socket on a long extension to undo the large nut from above, holding the flex pipe underneath with mole (vise) grips. Undo the flex pipe from the slave.
Chris at Octarine Services


I use a "crows foot" (open-ended socket wrench attachment) with
an extension, as there's almost no room to turn a conventional
wrench while the engine is in place.
Daniel Wong

I gave up on the clutch hose (intended routine replacement because of a new slave). An ordinary open-ended was just rounding off the nut, really it needed a flare spanner with the extra two facets but I didn't have one. Debated whether to cut the pipe so I could get a socket on the large nut from above, but if that had been as badly rusted as the flare nut seemed to be I could have ended up cutting and grinding the old hose away from the bracket.

Annoying really, as we had only just put the engine back in after a clutch change! Lesson learned? While the engine is out free-up the hose nuts!
Paul Hunt

I too punted on the clutch hose replacement. I am installing rebuilt master and slave cylinders but the hose looked okay as far as I can tell. I suppose I'll put the hose in a drawer and put it on next time I pull the engine or remove the starter.

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