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MG MGB Technical - Dam!!

Need to reduce the lift at the front end of my V8 conversion. I've looked at various Dams/splitters/valances. The best looking, at least to my eyes, is the Costello one. Has anyone fitted this and if so, is it effective?
Allan Reeling

Fitting the louvered front valance panel used on the 1972-1974 Chrome Bumper MGBs could remedy the front end lifting problem. That's why MG introduced it.
Stephen Strange

Hi Steven,
By louvered, do you mean the stock item with 2 slots, if so, that's what i've got. Need something to reduce the air flow under the car. The L E variants had a plastic addition to the stock valance, but don't know how effective it was, anyway NLA.
Allan Reeling

Yes, that's what I was referring to. Mine is a 1972 Roadster, and lift isn't a problem. At what speed does the lift begin on your car? Is it a GT?
Stephen Strange


Any chance that the conversion to the V-8 resulted in the front of the car being slightly higher than the rear? Or, that if you set the front slightly lower it might cure the lift problem?

C R Huff

Stock chrome bumper MGBs do suffer from front end lift. As well as handling this will nibble away at the contents of the fuel tank as you dont get lift without drag. I have been very pleased with the works special tuning style spoiler on our car. I also like its looks, but thats personal. I have smacked it on both corners over the years and had to patch it up with resin and expanded aluminium. There used to be flexible rubber ones that were great apart from not painting very nicely. TBH leaks no more than any other MGB, but this was parked on the Avus circuit in Berlin and it was achtung cardboard.

Stan Best

Conversion is a roadster. No it's not nose up Charley. Ride height is pretty standard, I spent a great deal of time getting it that way. Bilstein dampers at the front by the way. But this is a fast car and gets noticably light at the front, even at M way speeds. I can't see that the stock valance does anything other than direct air under the car..hence inducing lift. Looks good to me as well Stan.
Allan Reeling

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