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MG MGB Technical - Engine Bay Paint Query

I am looking to spruce up the engine bay of my MGB GT. The heater box needs a lick of paint as do the air filter covers and the mounting for the radiator. Would a paint like hammerite smooth be suitable or given the temperatures in the engine bay would a more specialist engine paint be the better choice?

sjl lilley

The areas that you reference shouldn't get hot enough for Hammerite to fail. I'd give it a try. RAY
rjm RAY

And if they did get hot enough, repainting would be the least of your problems!
Paul Walbran

If it got that hot the body paint would bubble. The only parts you need to worry about are the block and manifold.

Hammerite is great
I know the parts you mention were originally gloss finish and you probably need to copy that for originality but the Hammerite satin black looks fantastic when it's fully dry after about a full day
I've painted suspension arms, backing plates etc with it and they came up magic, not gloss just magic----lol

William Revit

Thanks for your advice guys. I have looked on the tin and it seems Hammerite is good up to 50 degrees, so i was pretty sure that it would be but always wise to ask around first. Hopefully get the paint brush out over the weekend. I have re-done the spare wheel of my Jubilee with Hammerite gold and smooth black which is a semi gloss I guess you would say. Wheel looks good. Shiny and glossy without the need to wear sunnys.

sjl lilley

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