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MG MGB Technical - Front Springs

Just fitted some new front springs to my '78 MGB Roadster as there was a noticeable sag towards the drivers side.

Problem is that the car now assumes the "take off" position.

Do the springs settle after a few drives or do I need to put new rear springs on as well?

ps when comparing the 2 old springs with the new springs, all 4 were virtually the same size when not loaded!

I have changed springs relatively recently. I went for lower that stock, on a chrome bumber GT. The old springs were the same height( Compared together.) The new springs @ 1 inch or so shorter but same height. Once all on the ride height is lower, and same on both sides. But there have been cases that high-lighted a discrepancy in rates( ie you might have uprated standard springs which may ride high. SPrings do settle, but it might be a while before you see this. Mike
J.M. Doust

They do settle, much more than the rears do, take it over a few sleeping policemen. I changed the fronts on my 73 and they leapt up by 2" on initial fitting, reducing by over half an inch in just one hours driving. They have to seat themselves into the upper and lower pans, unlike the rears which are located by bolts in bushes. The new ones were almost the same free height as the old, so it must be a stiffness difference. I changed them because the A-arms were angling upwards as they moved outwards and I couldn't get the trolley jack under the crossmember anymore. The new springs angled them downwards after settling. That was in 2007, haven't looked at them lately, but for me they are still a bit too high and too stiff, I can see the front of the car move up over a bump rather than the spring absorbing it.

Lots of people have had problems with new rear springs being way too high ('submissive monkey' rather than 'take off') but I've had three sets from various sources over the years and not had that problem. Quite the opposite, mine have been too low, and I've had to extend the shackles to stop the car bottoming and scraping when touring lanes fully loaded.
PaulH Solihull

Took it for a quick drive when I got home from work. After 10 miles the springs have settled by about 1/2 inch but still way too high!

Out of interest the distance from the centre of the wheels to the underside of the side strips is now as follows:

NSF 17 inches
OSF 17 inches
NSR 17 inches
OSR 16.5 inches

Still tempted to change the rear springs as the car looks lop sided from the rear but obviously would be concerned if they are lower than whats there at the moment.
I think the best option would be to see if the springs settle a bit more over the next month or two and then decide!

I fitted the lowered/stiffer springs to mine to reduce the height (it was a RB) and the front looks good now. The wheels is nicely centred in the arch. I have the issue Paul mentioned where A arms now angle up to the outside and I can't fit the trolley jack under! I need to use a scissor jack to get it high enough first or else drive up on two bits of 2x4. Apparently this can cause bump steer but I have never had a problem with that. Not sure if I am just not pushing it hard enough or if I just don't know what I am looking for! I also fitted uprated shock valves up front which helps a lot too (but makes the ride stiffer which I personally like).

My problem is now the rears are a bit too low. I had fitted new ones and found, like many others, they were far too high. And this was the lowered ones supposedly! I sent them back and am wary of ordering more. As it's a CB I probably need the lowest you can get or else I need to start modifying the spring mounts to gain (well lose) that extra inch of height.

Even with all new springs (and the old rears back on it) my car has a definite lean to the drivers (RHS) side. I think they all do! Pity you're not local. I have two spare sets of old front springs I would give you to try out!

Simon Jansen

"Pity you are not local....."

Thanks for the offer - couldn't get much farther away from you! Mind you , you are only 12 inches away on my map!!

After 5k mine were about 14.75". Yours get the record on my chart of 34 cars from around the world, previous highest was 15.5" front and 16.5" rear. Something very wrong there, I'd be returning them. However the fronts and the rears are balanced apart from one rear being 1/2" low, so they are *all* high. Typical RB height is about 15" front and 15.5" rear.
PaulH Solihull

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