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MG MGB Technical - Gearbox mount rubber washers

Hi all, I have a 73 roadster with o/drive box, I am in the process of renewing the mounts and rubber washers that seem impossible to fit,I have put them in hot water to make them more supple and used washing up liquid to try to ease them through but no luck! is there an easy method that I am missing or do I just keep going trying to force them in. I don't want to damage the washers obviously so thought I would see if any of you guys have had a similar problem. It's the bracket that fits to the bottom of the gearbox and connects to the crossmember..thanks for your help in advance!
g marlow

Welcome to one of the worst jobs on the MGB. Have a look at which might help.
PaulH Solihull

Cheers Paul that's a great help ! here goes then..ha hah
thanks again for the prompt reply
g marlow

Wish I could offer more specific recollection, but completely replaced all mounts and bushings on my 1980 a few months back. At first glance, I thought I got the wrong parts. However, it did all go together without damaging the mounts or hurting myself in the process. As I recall, I used some grease instead of soap and managed to get it on like a belt over a pulley. That is, if you can get it spread enough to start, it will spread open to fit. That's not much help, but confirms that the parts actually can be spread and fitted.
Rick Penland


My vote for worst job is windscreen installation.


I replaced my mounts last year, the first one I damaged and had to start again, they will go in but I'm afraid I can't remember the technique I used. I have a feeling I compressed it from one side while easing it in with a blunt instrument.

R.A Davis

I did it using a good splash of fairy liquid for lubricant and a cord about 5mm in diameter. Thinner than this and it WILL cut the bush unless you're lucky/skillful.
The rest of the text comes from Stephen Strange in the USA and the method worked for me, but it takes plenty of grunt.
At first appearances, installation of the rubber bushings into the transmission mount seems a formidable task to many. The smaller of the bushing’s two flanges is 1¼” in diameter and about ¼” thick, while the hole through which it must pass is only about ¾” in diameter. It appears to be a job that requires a man with at least three hands. However, installation of the rubber bushings into the transmission mount is not as difficult as it initially seems to be. The hole through which it must pass is only about ¾” in diameter. First, a lubricant will make the procedure easier as well as protect the rubber from chafing. Secure the yoke in a vise. Tie off one end of a thin cord, in the direction of one end of the yoke. Loop the cord, and then pull it up through the yoke hole. Pass the loop around the bushing, and then place the edge of the bushing flange into the yoke hole. As you do this, it helps to use your free hand in order to oblongate the bushing. Initially, pull the cords almost parallel to the bushing groove. As more of the flange begins to enter the hole, change your direction of pull downward, until eventually you are pulling straight down. In this manner, you will gradually peel the circumference of the flange through the hole. Tying off the cord leaves one hand free to manipulate the bushing, and also to change the pull angle of the cords. Obviously, the wiser you are at choosing your tie-down point, the better this procedure will work.
Richard Coombs

cheers guy's for the replies!
no doubt with this seemingly small task I will be back at some point with another!
g marlow

Slot the mounts as per Pauls site and use a penny washer, but I drill a bigger hole, with a hole saw, to get at the nuts, and weld a reinforcing plate in to compensate, although I doubt this is really necessary.............belt and braces!!!
Allan Reeling

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