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MG MGB Technical - Grease nipple covers

Just greased up my kingpins and brake cable and I hate leaving the nipples exposed to dirt etc. Could not find any rubber covers so used heat shrink, closing the ends. Don't know if they will stay on but we'll see. Anybody any better method, or am I just too fussy!
R E Merrall

A better method ?

Just google for grease nipple caps ...
J N Gibson

Would these be what you are looking for.
R Dickinson

Open grease nipples have been the norm since they were introduced. Simply cleaning the nipple, with a rag or paper towel, has been the system that I have used for over fifty years. Caps, on the bleeder valves, is a different story as these can become clogged with dirt and rust and require drilling out to make them functional again. RAY
rjm RAY

Thanks for that.
R E Merrall

I got some from The Nipple Shop. All things nipple
P K Newbery

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