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MG MGB Technical - Help: Twin HIF 44 Conversion?

I'm currently running twin HS6 carbs on a modified 2099cc 5 bearing. It runs fine and all is good and lots of torque and power.

However, I recently came into the possesion of a pair of unused (new old stock) HIF44 carbs (still with the blue plastic protective caps) for a very good price. The idea being that having these as a "spare" set in case I have problems with the HS6 carbs, I wil stil be able to drive the car whilst the HS6s are being sorted out.

Of course, the needles will need to be changed, but my question is, do I need different linkages and does anyone know the part numbers, as the Burlen site is increasingly difficult to pull any useful parts information out of?

Many thanks in advance,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

Hi Grant

Have you tried telephoning Burlen? We find them helpful. A new set woul look nice rather than cobbling up a system from the old setup.

Peter Burgess Tuning

Hi Peter,

will do. don't know why I didn't think of that, just too hooked up with the internet.

many thanks,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

You're gonna kick me when I tell you I just threw a set out!

I think the HIF linkages are all the same so you should be able to find a set on ebay but Burlen is the obvious choice.

I prefer the HS series to the HIF. I never seemed able to get the settings right on HIF carbs so good luck if you try them.

The heatshield is different to HS types.
R Lawson

Hi R Lawson,

call it s0d's law ;-) the set is just for a backup, so not too worried about perfect tuning. Thanks for the point about the heatshield - hadn't though of that.


Grant :-)

G Hudson

If your existing choke cable comes up from underneath you will probably find the HIFs need it to come down from above, with standard HIF linkage anyway. Similarly you may well find that the HS throttle cable is adjusted with a clamp on the throttle spindle over the inner, whereas on HIF the inner is fixed and the adjuster is on the sheath.

For a given size carb I have to say that HS are easier to live with - float chamber access, no internal passages and valves with O-rings, for two.
Paul Hunt

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