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MG MGB Technical - Historic aggro

The V8 was manufactured and first registered during 1975, so is eligible for Historic status and free Vehicle Tax from 1st April 2016. However the existing Vehicle Tax runs out on 31st March! So can I change the taxation class and renew the tax for no charge in one go in 1st April? Or will I have to SORN it before the end of the month, apply to change the taxation class from 1st April, and subsequently retax to take it off SORN?

An email to the DVLA elicited a less than helpful reply. Started off OK saying I wouldn't be able to change the class until 1st April 2016 as expected, but the remainder of the email referred to the vehicle as needing to be manufactured before 1st January 1975, not 1976.

A phone call wasn't much better. Initially he said I would have to wait for the Budget to state that the concession had been rolled forwards one year. However the Finance Act 2015 i.e. last year's Budget has already stated that vehicles constructed before 1st January 1976 will be elegible from 1st April 2016. He then changed his tune and said to go to a PO on 1st April with the amended V5C and apply to retax. If they say there is no fee then all well and good, and to send off the V5C to the DVLA. But if still want the fee then go back again the next day. If they still want a fee then get back to the DVLA. Asked if I would need to SORN it before the end of March he said no, but if I can't get it retaxed in the first couple of days then I'll probably have to.
Paul Hunt

And I thought that the DMV in our country was confusing. Sounds like you're dealing with the Department of Redundancy Department. RAY
rjm RAY

hi paul, i don't see a problem with that, just change to historic and tax free on the 1st april. bob.
bob taylor

Paul, I've had one to two "Catch 22" moments with the DVLA. They are probably because you are dealing with people who just don't know!! If it's not on their script they are lost.
Allan Reeling

Paul, My bgt is also eligible on 1 April. I phoned DVLA and got a very helpful chap who told me to take my registration doc and MOT to the post office and they would tax it, send the reg doc off for updating.

R E Merrall

It's nice to read someone found the right answer. The real trouble is the government departments don't talk to each other and DVLA (and other front line sections) are quite properly staffed for the steady state but not for the constant change which the politicians inflict. The worst example is education where state employed teachers seem to be in a permanent turmoil. I suppose the change here is such small beer that no-one bothered with the detail until the 11th hour.
Paul. You put the cat among the pigeons and alerted the relevant sections that they had to DO something.
Roger Walker

Went into the (main) PO on April 1st armed with V5C, renewal reminder and MOT to change the taxation class to Historic and retax as the old tax expired 31st March. Counter clerk said "Oh we can't do that here". Showed her the DVLA email stating it could be done at a PO, so she looked a bit harder at her computer screen, and decided she could do it. Retained the appropriate half of the V5C, and gave me a receipt for that which also stated the road tax had been renewed at the zero rate. Good job I did my homework.
Paul Hunt

Historic easy peasy.

Vehicle Tax ( or whatever it is called this month ) expired 31st March.
Strolled into little local Post Office 1st April with V5C, already written Historic Vehicle in Tax class line in Changes section. Cheery chappie behind counter taps a few keys, retains half of V5, issues receipt showing change of class and zero charge for 12 months licence period.

[ Though what dummy at DVLA decided that couldn't be done any time in advance, or simply never thought to specify the capability to the sofware writers is anybody's guess. ]

J N Gibson

Will wonders never cease. Good work, Paul. RAY
rjm RAY

Just confirms what Roger Parker said - it is all down to the individual in whatever Post Office you use.
Paul Hunt

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