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MG MGB Technical - i turn right and have a grinding noise.

Hi guys, ive been test driving my car since being laid up over winter and have found that whenever i turn right i have a horrid grinding noise. It seems to be coming from the front left of the car.

If i turn right without engine power its fine, i gently touch the throttle and it grinds.

If i go in a straight line or turn left its fine.

I changed the wheel bearing thinking it was this, its still there.

Could it be the prop shaft? Im running out of ideas, i painted key areas in the wheel arch in red to see if it was rubbing anywhere but have found nothing. Looking at the rear wheel arch i still cant find any rubbing, its sounds awful and i really hate roundabouts at the moment.
A P New

Check the track rod end is not touching the inside of the wheel rim on full lock.
c cummins

its even on partial turning.
A P New

Sounds to me like the engine pipes(exhaust)are hitting the chassis--- maybee a dead engine mounting or just too close to the body----- Willy
William Revit

Many years ago I had a VW bug. On right turns the crunch and grinding came from the left rear corner. It was an early model 1957 and you had to split the transmission to change bearings. doing that it did nothing towards repairing the problem. The car was on the lift and walking by I spun the front right wheel and heard a click. The upper inner portion of the inner wheel ball bearing was severly galled. It would only come into play on a right turn when the pressure was on the top inner.
I still claim that the noise was from the right rear.

I would have a look at the gap between the caliper and the disc,the gaps should be equal,also take a look at the disc to see if it's been rubbing on the caliper.
john wright

I take it you're not on Wires? Check the O/S engine mount. Check the clearance between the back plate and the disc.
Allan Reeling

I don't have wire wheels, and im definitely not rubbing on anything. Today I drove on motorway and found that when I lift off the throttle I get a droaning noise from the rear as well as the noise when I turn right. Thinking it was a bearing on the front a couple of days ago I changed it and it made no difference. Now I've driven on motorway I think it may be rear left bearing. I need to sort the diff play anyway so should I change both left and right?
A P New

Certainly shouldn't be the track rod end or caliper unless something is very wrong. On my V8 it was the anti-roll bar link, it is an after-market without the location flanges by the chassis brackets and the bar would move from side to side. However that is only on full lock and I see yours is on partial, so something is badly wrong. Could be wheel bearings allowing the disc to move in relation to the caliper (other than rotationally, that is).

Noise from the rear that comes and goes with different throttle openings is usually diff but could be prop-shaft UJs. Wheel bearings usually give a constant rhythmic noise. Both change with speed, of course. Changing rear wheel bearings is not a trivial process, usually needs them to be pressed off and on the half-shafts.
PaulH Solihull

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