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MG MGB Technical - Is Sean Brown and Flowspeed still around?

Sean did a couple of critiques on the Pierce Manifolds MSX cylinders some years ago,
but his web site says he is out of the cylinder head modifying business now - is he still around? Has there been any improvement in the MSX heads available today or are they still from the original batch?
Mike Ellsmore

Sean re-did my Huffaker head and an impending rebuild I asked him if he would just inspect the head. He said he no longer does headwork for customers. I don't recall what he's into now.

So the website is accurate.

Hi Mike
As implied in your third link, I believe Sean Brown/Flowspeed gave up on trying to port the MSX version of the Derrington cross flow head some time ago. I was unaware that he may have moved on altogether.
I don't know if Peter Burgess in the UK works on the MSX heads, but imagine he would.
If you need one of these heads ported and optimised closer to home, Rams Heads Services in Sydney most definitely have experience with them; they'd just finished one when I called by their place about 18 months ago. They said that these heads need a lot of work (i.e. hours, and presumably therefore also $$$) but that these heads can ultimately be made to flow quite well. Rams are a serious cylinder head firm with flow benches, CNC guided porting machines etc. There's four full time guys just on the floor doing the work, and they know their game well. They've done two MG heads and two Norton heads for me, and a rally BMW Alpina and a vintage Rolls Royce head for a friend, all to a superb standard.On another occasion I called by they were doing flow work on an F1 Ferrari!!. BUT, they're extraordinarily busy, including getting work from overseas, so the turn around time is unfortunately slow. But in the end, the wait seems to be worthwhile.
I suspect it wouldn't hurt to mention my name to them if you do happen to speak to Bernie, Tully or Darren. We've known each other for years now.
T Aczel

Sorry Mike, I just re-read your question and realise my long dissertation failed to answer your question! Apologies. But perhaps a call to Rams might lead you to an answer to your question regarding whether there's been any progress with the issues with these heads. Likewise Peter Burgess?
T Aczel

We have no problems with the MSX heads. Excellent reliabilty and horsepower. Race proven in TVR configuration endurance racing.
Peter Burgess Tuning

Peter Burgess has worked on my MSX head. I was very happy with his work.
Midget rally

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