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MG MGB Technical - Later B under radiator shield

I have no idea what that part is called but on later Bs there was a cardboard shield piece that fits across the chassis rails sort of under the bottom of the radiator going to the front of the engine. I think it is made from some kind of pressed (waterproof) cardboard type stuff.

What exactly does this piece do? Does it, or rather not having it, affect cooling at all?
Simon Jansen

It was designed to help divert cool air to the radiator. The new replacements are made out of ABS plastic. RAY
rjm RAY

"mudguard" dump it. you should see the 1980 model. I looked an a late US LE and the mudguard extended back under the motor. I could be wrong and probably am but I dont see how seperating the air flow from the lower front valence and the radiator grill makes any difference at all. I dumped mine with no ill effects so far other than I won't win a concourse.
A J Ogilvie

Clausager mentions this piece on p67, calling it a 'mud shield'-"...filling the gap between radiator and engine."
Roger T

My 1980 MGB has one -It was looking a bit Tatty so bought a replacement from MGOC still made from some form of pressed cardboard!! four fitting self tappers alomg the sides and one screw to the front crossmember under the motor
P D Camp

If it's aft of the radiator as I think you mean it simply shields muck from the front of the engine, and is actually counter-productive in getting rad heat out of the engine bay. Only fitted to 77 and later models with the forward-mounted radiator. But the one in *front* of the rad between that and slots in the valance (on those cars that have them) is a different kettle of fish. That *does* force air through the rad, and *does* make a difference. The one on my V8 was curved rather than rectangular, fitting a brace to force it to the same shape as the valance slots made a noticeable difference.
PaulH Solihull

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