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MG MGB Technical - Master Cylinder removal

With all my brake fluid at my feet, it is time to change/replace the master cylinder. Hoever when I remove all the bolts that I can see, the pedal box is still not loose. Pedals are disconected. manual says to remove two bolts from the "toe plate". What is the toe plate ?
H A Harris

what year is your MGB?? Mine is a 79 and I just had to unbolt 3 line fittings and two bolts from the vacuum booster and out it came.


79 MGB
gary hansen

Do yourself a favor, once the MC is removed, Helicoil the mounting holes with 5/16 - 24 coils in either the repaired MC or the new one to make reinstalling it much easier (no having to full with getting nuts started inside the pedal box where there is severely limited space. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Do you mean the box under the "hood" that covers the clutch and brake m/s? Its just 4 bolts and on my car a throttle cable steady point. A 2 man job as mine is just "nut and bolted " through. I should helicoil it.
Stan Best

The toe plate is surely the mounting flange on the master cylinder that bolts to the pedal box. There's only these two bolts that actually hold the master cylinder to the car and it should move with these undone even if the other connections are still attached. It may be the cylinder flange (or toe plate) has stuck to the pedal box over the years and may just need a judicious tap to dislodge it.

Did you remove the 2 bolts that hold the pedal box to the
firewall (bulkhead)? They are located under the dash,
on either side of the big rubber plug.
Daniel Wong

The pedal box usually refers to the cover, four screws, presumably you have that off (can be stuck down with the gasket) if the pedals are disconnected from the push-rods. No need to remove the master-cylinder mounting from the car (for changing just one master anyway), the large rubber plug in the bulk-head allows you to disconnect the banjo union, and ingenuity and dexterity the two bolts and nuts for each master.
PaulH Solihull

Thanks so much for the advice. Mine is a '71 that was assembled from two cars about 15 years ago.
H A Harris

This thread was discussed on 26/07/2010

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