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MG MGB Technical - Mgb 4 link home made

Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could pick some brains as I need a little help. Basically I've been making a 4 link using classic conversions brackets but to make it totally bolt on I don't want to weld the axle. So I made some clamps which hold the upper rods but I'm worried there may be movement. I may be able to add a grub screw into the block which could locate into the axle to prevent it turning. Are there any other thoughts as I don't know how thick the axle is to drill it without going right through.

A P New

I do think you are going to need something more substantial than a grub-screw if it is to resist the twisting force on the axle.
Paul Hunt

Better to weld on a small bracket to resist the rotation. The tube is steel so easily weldable, but only about 4mm thick.
Allan Reeling

The reason I'm trying to avoid welding is because they tend to distort. The mustangs use clamps for location on the same setups and they have 5 litre v8s!
A P New

I am planning to do something similar but will be using a ford 8.8 inch axle for greater strength.
Definitely weld on the brackets a small weld each time and let it cool. That's what I will do.
Also going to build a Mumford Linkage.
What link bars and bushes did you use. Rally design do a Kit for the ford escort which could be modified.

M Rawlins

Im using the same design as classic conversions but home made. I have it all installed and it seems to work, I just worry about putting my foot down as its a pretty powerful engine. I made the link arms from rally design parts.
A P New

This thread was discussed on 28/10/2013

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