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MG MGB Technical - MGB grille fitment issue


I am struggling to fit a new chrome grille to my MGB roadster. The car is a 1973 model and I am trying to fit an early grille, which I was of the opinion was ok to do. Should I have to bend and distort the grille to fit it (it is a new one)? Please can someone send me a photo of the position of the grille, looking down from the top with the bonnet open? Also any hints/tips would be helpful

Many thanks

Alex Davies

I had to "fit" (distort) the sides of my new grille when I changed to the earlier style from a recessed black one. The new grilles are a fairly poor imitation of the originals. As far as the top of the grille goes, its position is governed by the three brackets that connect it with the slam panel. See photo - this car has the old style grille but with stainless mesh instead of bars.

Mike Howlett

When I got mine (original Mk 1 grille with slats) back from the panel beaters and chrome platers I held it in place and the bottom was at least 30mm too far forward. The "experts" I spoke to said just force it carefully.

I attached the outer bolts on the bottom then aligned the sides of the grill surround with the guards. Then I gently pushed the middle of the lower grille frame back until I could get the bolt in.

Then I attached the 3 top brackets and did the same - got sides in the right postion, the moved middle so that the badge plinth was aligned correctly with the front of the bonnet (hood)when closed
In the picture (sorry about the dust) the bottom of the grill is the same radius as the bumper which it certainly wasn't when I started!

John Minchin

The radiator opening is tapered as it recesses in to the car.

I had to lightly tap in the upper inside corner edges of my grill (reproduction) for it to fit.

After this mod, it drops in place without any wrestling.
Daniel Wong

The wings can also be out, my right-hand one was about 1/2" forwards of the front of the grille whereas the left-hand was flush. I had to elongate the appropriate bolt holes, reshape the flange, and force it back.
PaulH Solihull

It's actually better to try to fit the grille before the car is painted so that you can avoid doing any damage. That way you can dress the metalwork slightly. But I actually ended up slightly having to dress the sides of the grille with a panel beating hammer to allow it to fit nicely without removing paint.
Iain MacKintosh

Couldn't get a "new" slatted grill into my heritage shell. Finally took 12mm out of the middle of the grill!!
Allan Reeling

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