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MG MGB Technical - MGB GT Mk1 rear view mirror assembly

Good afternoon all,

I have a daft question, sorry. I have a '66 GT, with a shabby, black plastic rear view mirror fitted. I bought an original chrome stem on eBay, as well as a mirror, which are supposed to fit together as a ball and joint. My question is... how do they fit together? Do I just force it? I don't want to put too much force into it for obvious reasons without being at least a little more sure that I am not missing something obvious.

Sorry & thank you.

Piers Colver

Usually there is a knurled wheel to adjust the 'grip' of the mirror on the stem, i.e. to allow adjustment but not flop down when driving, but I don't know if that's the case with the Mk1 GT.

I'll run outside and take a look, thank you Paul. I was amazed how little there was on the internet, YouTube etc about mirrors. MGB ones, at least!
Piers Colver

My 67 GT is a end of production car and has the day/night mirror with a black stalk that the 68 had. The ball just snapped into the back of the mirror on it.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

Piers, I'm sorry to tell you, but your "shabby, black plastic rear view mirror" is probably the original one. Below you will see a scan taken from the parts book. Piece number 101 in the drawing is described as AHH 7496, Mirror - Interior, GHD3/4 to 139880.

Later cars from GHD4 139881 to 187840 use the same mirror (now called BHA 4781) but with a modified stalk shown as piece 104 in the drawing.

In my next post I attach a photo of the interior of my 1969 GT (GHD4 168108) which I am certain has the original mirror. It is black plastic and non-dipping.

Mike Howlett

Here's the interior of my car and you can see the black plastic mirror with the curved stalk.

Mike Howlett

Lol thank you for those answers, guys. Sorry if I offended lovers of the black plastic ones, I think mine is a particularly shabby example of the breed.

I'll seek out a metal equivalent that looks as though it might have been original!
Piers Colver

Ok, now you have me questioning the mirror in my 67 GT. I have part 108 in Mikes picture. This is an end of production MK I. I have had the mirror and stalk off and there is not sign that there was ever a different mirror on the headliner. Headliner has not been changed, and the impression and color indicate this mirror has been on it for some time and no other imprints or color marks are underneath it.

It may be possible that the 102 stalk has the same screw pattern and the 108 stalk would bold in without modification. Anyone know?

Moss shows the 108 as 165-125 N/A
MIRROR, interior
GT 1970-on
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

Bruce, in the official parts book, which is where my drawing came from, part 108 is described as "BHA 4955, Mirror - Interior - Dipping, GHD5 on and V8." So it would be a later mirror if your car was UK spec. But in North America the dipping mirror was fitted earlier than it was over here due to your regulations, so your mirror could be original - who knows! I don't know for sure, but I would bet the screw holes for both types are identical. Screw 109 in the drawing is a puzzle as it seems to go in horizontally. There's nothing like that on my car, just two screws going in upwards.
Mike Howlett

Thanks Mike. That sounds correct. this car would have probably arrived in the US in the mid to end of december 67. Could be that BL was equipping these with the items to meet the 68 regulations.

Also, the mirror has sine flaking at the lower edge. It does not appear that the case can be opened to fix the mirror. So if anyone has a 108 part in good condition, I would be interested.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

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