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MG MGB Technical - MGB Part?

This spring showed up on my parts table. I don't think it is from the MG,but thought I would run it by others. Only spring I remember coming off the motor was the oil pressure relief valve.

Bruce Cunha

Gear shift lever?
Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Dave O'Neill 2

Tapered about 1 inch at the wide part and about 1.5 inch high.
Bruce Cunha

Reminded me of the 3-synch gear lever spring as well, but that seems to be coiled from flat strip
Paul Hunt

Isnt that the spring for the bonnet release?

That was my first thought....

Could be for the gear shift lever...My guess is Bonnet.
Steven Devine

My first thought was that it was also the shift lever spring, but Paul's comment about them being made from flat steel is correct. After forty three years of working on Bs, I can't recall seeing that particular spring before. Someone probably put in your parts box just to drive you crazy trying to track down its function. RAY
rjm RAY


Steven Devine

Nope, not bonnet spring. That's a parallel spring, a lot heavier (me thinks) and somewhat longer.
I'm with rjm, someone's messing with you :D

M McAndrew

"...but that seems to be coiled from flat strip..."
The one in our 66 MGB is round spring rather than a flat strip and it is tapered the same way. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

The more I looked its not a bonnet spring.

How about this:

Steven Devine

Too small for the bonnet. I think it just found its way onto the Rebuild table. I just hate finding parts when done with a rebuild. It would have to have been an internal spring from the engine. And I have not seen anything in the motor where this would fit.
Bruce Cunha

Not sure of the scale here but it might be the spring from the Inlet Manifold Vacuum "mushroom".
The spring in the Overdrive Vacuum switch, which is tiny, but I can't make out the size in your pic Bruce?
B. G. Griffin

Looks to me like it might be out of an old torch (flashlight)
Andrew Dear

Slave cylinder return spring? which is close to 1.25 inch in diameter
Rich Boris

Clutch slave - good thought, but my 4-cylinder (left) and V8 springs are different to that, both in taper and much thinner.

Paul Hunt

Bruce, the moss catalog item 103, part 443-070 that Steve posted looks like the spring in your post image


gary hansen

internal spring of remote servo??????
W M Griffiths

Horn button spring?
Daniel Wong

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