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MG MGB Technical - mgb red engine paint?

OK, going to give my 1980 mgb engine a repaint while its out. The paint is not too bad but trying to keep as original color if pos. Found this listing on ebay

Otherwise, any suggestions where to get. Its a damask color it seems.

Also, as never done it before, how much should I need?

s lewis

you say you would like to keep the colour original,as your car is a 1980 then it should be black, They stopped painting the engines red with the start of the 18V engines in Aug 1971. A.T
andy tilney

Yes, Black, and a pint should be plenty. Probably a half pint would do it.

C R Huff

Yeah the correct colour is black, but paint whatever colour you like.
Moss sell the correct red in an aerosol which is enough to give it a couple of coats

PJ Thompson

Well, thats interesting but as the paint is in good condition explains why someone painted it. Emailed Moss for the correct one as they have several red listed.

Now, a quick question. As never done it before - spray or handbrush?

Plan to give it a go over with wire wool once I have cleaned it and am wondering if its best to spray to just use a brush to apply the new coat?
s lewis

I spray painted my '67 B's engine with Moss red paint back in '93. It still looks great to this day. Make certain that you remove any oily substances or the paint won't stick correctly. I wiped down my engine with denatured alcohol prior to painting. RAY
rjm RAY

"Emailed Moss for the correct one as they have several red listed"

You do realise your 1980 engine should be black?
Paul Hunt

Definitely spray the motor, you will get a nice finish much better than brush I know ive done both
Regards Pete

PJ Thompson

Not sure with UK Moss paints, but in the US, you have to be careful. Moss engine paints I have used on the B and my TD discolor if you get radiator antifreeze on the paint.
Bruce Cunha

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