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MG MGB Technical - MGB Ute (Australia).

I've just seen a photo of a privately owned MGB Utility, supposedly factory built and one of only two made. I've never heard of a factory-built version - anyone know more? The vehicle is red, about 1972 vintage - I hope to be able to post a photo in the next day or so. I also have the owner's phone number, and will be speaking to him; he owns a private motor museum in Queensland. Just thought it might be of interest. Regards, John.
J P Hall

Hi John,

Very much would like to see a photo if you can get one. Not that I have interest in converting our B/GT, but more a curiosity to see what it looks like.


Lawrence Cordeiro

Is that the same as a pickup? Home brew here.


To see MGB pickups / utes, go to this page

H J Adler

Back in the mid 70s I used to hang around at Andrew Rennie's MG joint in Melbourne on Saturdays
They had a MGB ute there then as a workshop hack
I can remember a guy by the name of Keith Belzer drove it to Sydney and back as a backup car for Andrew when he attempted to drive an MGB from Melbourne to Sydney and return on a single tank of petrol---He didn't quite make it -----------
William Revit

Here's the first photo of the MGB "Utility"; I've not yet been able to find out the car's history, but will add more as soon as I can.
Just thought it might be of historical interest. Regards, John.

J P Hall

G'Day John,

Thanks for the photo update, and hopefully things have started to cool off there in Queensland mate. I saw where temps hit 40c last week. Ooch!


Lawrence Cordeiro


Forgot to ask if we can put this photo in our club newsletter?

Lawrence Cordeiro

A bit more info: spoke to the owner, Barry in Bundaberg, southern Queensland. He has a private museum with about 40 vehicles in it, and certainly seems to know his stuff.He is quite happy for the following info to be broadcast on the BBS forum.

He says that his MGB pickup/ute was built at "the factory" in England (I assume he means Abingdon) as one of two; one (his) was completed and the other (now in Sydney?) only went to plywood body stage - before the project was canned, as someone realised that an MGB Pickup would be up against the Austin 1800 pickup. The MGB utes were supposed to be crushed, but the completed ute was used for a while to move parts between factory buildings. Eventually both utes "found their way" out of the factory grounds, and languished for some time (almost literally in a field) before being sold privately. They were apparently both brought out to Australia at the same time, before Barry purchased the completed one.
Interestingly, the "factory built" utes apparently had extended chassis - they were not just standard bodies altered in a body shop.

Hope this is of interest - I plan to visit Barry's museum mid-year, so will add any more details, plus I look forward to seeing how the interior was treated.

Lazza, the owner is happy for you to use this info in your newsletter.

Regards, John.
J P Hall

Hi mate,

Thanks for the update on Barry's Ute. Interesting story now to go along with the image. If our editor adds the story I'll post back here for you.


Lawrence Cordeiro

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