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MG MGB Technical - MIG welding

I would be interested in any feedback on MiG welding at home. I have a modern house with RCD protection on all circuits including the garage. Can MIG welers be used in on dsuch domestic circuits
A Charman

You can use a Mig welder at home, I have done this for many years.
john wright

What is RCD protection?
Art Pearse

Thanks John.
Art its a residual current device, shuts the power off when something goes wrong ie electric shock. Dont know how they work but all new houses have had them in the UK for 10 plus years
A Charman

They compare current flowing in the line and neutral per circuit. Above a set limit of difference (50 mA ?)they pull the plug as a dangerous amount is flowing somewhere it shouldnt. Modern ones are a lot better at resisting nuisance trips than ther old voltage sensing ones.
Stan Best

RCDs AKA ELCBs (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) work by detecting an imbalance in the current flowing in the live and neutral lines, typically 30mA in a residential property. I use a Mig welder in my workshop thatís protected by an RCD and have never had a problem. What may cause you a problem is the circuit breaker depending on itís speed rating. Mig is great for working on cars, if youíre planning to do more than just a small amount Iíd consider using some decent gas, I use Argoshield from BOC.
Bob Davis

If you are going to do the occasional job and work outside, you may want to consider a no gas mig welder. Using a basic mig outside in any breeze is hard work. Inside you will need good lighting unless you invest in one of the auto darkening helmets.
c cummins

I've used a MIG with a plug-in RCD for years and never had a problem. Interestingly it *would* trip when there was a poor connection in one leg of the 2 feeding my lawnmower! I gave up on gas as for occasional use I was always finding the bottle empty, I used flux-cored wire now. Some say this doesn't give as good a weld, but either it gives equally good if not better, or I have got better since changing over! It was always a fiddle balancing gas flow, wire feed rate and current before, now it seems much easier to get that quiet buzz instead of the splattering. You do have to avoid breathing in the fumes though.
PaulH Solihull

Ok we call them a GFI (ground fault interrupter). Too many TLA's these days. But we only put them on selected circuits (bathroom, pool, etc.) No reason why a MIG should not work on that circuit (unless you have a ground fault of course). I have the same set up on my garage outlets.
Art Pearse

There is a good UK based web site devoted to Mig welding.
David Witham

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