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MG MGB Technical - Mounting of 4 relays

I am intending to fit 2 relays for dipped & main beam (the square ones that I bought last year as a made up set with wiring from MGCC spares). I also have 2 new square relays to replace the round ones as fitted as factory fitted on my 1980 roaster(albeit previously replaced by me).Some time ago I saw a post on this forum where somebody had mounted 4 square relays neatly together more or less where my 2 round ones are currently sited.That post I think also indicated where the mounting bracket was obtained. Does anyone remember seeing this ? ( I intend to keep my round relays as spares so that a reverse to originality could be made if desired ). If I add a further relay for the fan at some stage I would fix that to the side strut between the radiator and the inner wing as per John Twist suggestion on YouTube.
Cheers, Charles

I used these that interlock: wires go in at the bottom: relays plug in the top.
Michael Beswick

Anywhere behind the radiator panel, protected from the elements there. I'd advise fitting fuses - one per filament - as with relays if you get a short the wiring will burn much more readily, without the resistance of the switches and connectors to 'protect' it!

Thanks Guys!


Graham Moore

Hi Graham,
Thanks your picture. Your setup is an alternative to that suggested by Michael. Your mounting clearly works well,if I understand it,where used for MGBs where the radiator is set back towards the engine whereas mine being a 1980 roadster there is little space in front of the radiator panel (& poor accessibility ).As Paul comments there is better weather protection (& room behind the panel.Your mounting bar looks like neat & smart piece of steel,possibly painted in a silver finish - did you fashion it yourself or acquire an "off the shelf item"?
Cheers, Charles

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