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MG MGB Technical - Noisy speedo cable at the gearbox end

Any suggestions for how to minimise a noisy speedo ca ble connection at the gearbox end? The speedo works ok.

Lightly grease the inner cable and ensure that all curves are as large as possible.
jim soutar

Jeg bruge vaselin
Roger W

Very good Roger ;-) - although remember the 'r' on regular verbs in the present tense!
I'll try grease or vaseline.


Not the speedo cable or connection to the gearbox! However, oil is leaking (slightly)from this point. Enough to get my fingers wet with oil but not dripping.

Must be the gasket!


How do you mean it isn't those? What did you disconnect and still have the noise and/or to stop the noise? Bear in mind that what is making the noise may only do so when it is handling the load of the complete system, i.e. it could be say the speedo head being stiff that is causing the cable or right-angle unit (if you have one) to make the noise.
Paul Hunt

Hi Paul,
I was referring to the end of speedo cable and the right angle which one screws onto/into the gearbox connection. You are correct in your observation/awareness of the fact that just because the right angle and speedo cable are disconnected from gearbox does not mean that the noise problem is not be found there. The conundrum is that the noise still exists when the speedo cable and right angle are disconnected. I have written about the noise in another thread earlier but I could not find it.

Now I have an oil leak here at the connection.

The noise is a constant metal on metal in rotation sound, increasing with the speed of the car, whether engine turned off or on, going backwards or forwards, in gear or neutral and clutch depressed or not. Location middle front right hand side (sitting in the car). I've checked front discs, wheel bearings and front pads.

My knowledge of the workings of the internals of the gearbox is limited. So I cannot work out/imagine what is moving in the gearbox when car in motion when engine turned off going backwards or forwards, clutch depressed or not.


John Twist has a few videos (you might have to go back to the earlier posted vids for some) on the workings of the gearbox and even a recent one about the speedo drive
Nigel Atkins

So it happens out of gear and with the speedo cable and right-angle drive disconnected? Have you tried it with the speedo pinion gear removed from the gearbox? That should be held in with a hex screw and a clamp plate. Have you tried very carefully supporting the car with the rear wheels off the ground and running the engine and gearbox? Use a listening stick against the bits of the gearbox you can get at.

Do you have OD? If so does OD being engaged or not make a difference? There are a few rotating components in the OD in both situations, and quite a lot in the gearbox in the shape of the output shaft and various gears, bushes, shims and bearings.
Paul Hunt

Hi Paul and Nigel, No OD, I'll try with the speedo pinion removed. And I'd like to try with the rear wheels off the ground...

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