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MG MGB Technical - Odd rear brake backing plate question

My right rear brake squeaks. Everything is new and adjusted. However when I did it I paid more attention to the pads on backing plate that hold the middle of the shoes. After hundreds of thousands of miles its worn down on both plates with a ridge. Probably down about 1/8" or more. I used a dremmel to smooth it out.

Do those who know is it critical that these pads are at spec height?

Will it have any effect on the shoes?

I spoke to a retired mechanic who said back in the day he would see these come in with small pieces of metal wielded there to the proper height.

Guess after all these years I'm not clear on their importance.



My inclination would always be to return the back plate dimensions to original, but that's just the way I am!! I should imagine the pad is intended to keep the shoe surface parallel to the drum friction surface. Once pressure is applied the shoes will square up anyway, but being a bit "skew" will make adjustment less accurate leading to a longer pedal and poorer hand brake.
If you replace the worn metal with weld you will need to make sure you restore 90 degrees between the back plate and the shoe face.
Allan Reeling

I see. That makes sense. I'll look for pristine plates then since they are NLA unless someone knows who sells them new?

Max, new back plates are available and there are 3 different types dependant on type of rear axle and year of car. Have a look at this Moss website

Andy Robinson

Moss list them all as 'NCA' - not currently available.
Dave O'Neill 2

MAX, Get someone with a Mig welder, it will take them 10 minutes to add the necessary metal, then you can attack again with your Dremmel, bearing in mind what i said above.
Allan Reeling

Gents, aplogies, they are not available - should have had my glasses on! There are a few reasonable ones on ebay though.

Andy Robinson

When I did a search weeks ago I saw Moss UK listed them as NCA :-(

I think it would be best - although a lot more work - to get a near mint set. I don't know anyone with a mig wielder and they would have to come here or me take the car apart there. Plus I don't know the exact height the pad should be….

Missed on a nice pair on eBay but I wanted to find out if this is indeed misaligning the shoes or it didn't matter much.

I just checked the Brown & Gammons website and they still have them, although their stock on them is getting low. Better move fast!
Stephen Strange


Just jumped on their site

I only see the backing plate for the front disc brakes which are available at most sellers.

Did I miss the rear backing plates? I looked it over several times.

BTB366/367 shows no stock anywhere.

It's just a pressing so the height is governed by the thickness of the metal - I think, which could be judged through the hole. I doubt it is that critical anyway, and you may well be able to check the 'squareness' of the lining face to the back-plate when fitted. You are likely to have more problems getting it flat with a Dremel as much as anything else.
Paul Hunt

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