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MG MGB Technical - Panel alignment question

Hello everyone..progress on the body work continues, but I have a few questions I could use some clarification on.

First off, the rear of the front fenders, top section where they join the scuttle (roadster)...the little L shape edge that is under the window line .. does that sit flush to the same shaped part of the scuttle, or can there be a gap there? Protection by the window seal seems to indicate it does not sit flush. Further more, my bolt holes down the bonnet line have no room left if I did them up to touch. Hope that makes sense.

Secondly - how does one alight the hood/bonnet? What are the adjustments that can be made?

thank you so much!

Vince Warry

If you mean the l shape of the beading then this sits flush with the top of the scuttle. The hood must be fitted before the front fenders and anigned with the front of the scuttle about 3/16" gap is right. Then when the hood is in alignment the wings are then fitted also allowing about 3/16" gap between them and the edge of the bonnet. If this dimension is met you should have no trouble in picking up the bolt holes along the top of the wing.
Iain MacKintosh

Vince, Iain's advice is spot on. I've not long ago completed the same exercise using the same method. However, my new front wings still needed to have some of the screw holes enlarged. This may have been the manufacture of the wings or because the flitch section (the bit with the fixed nuts) had been repaired at various times.
The hood adjustments are made by putting a spacer of 3/16" between the scuttle and the rear of the hood whilst tightening the hood/hinge screws. This sets the fore/aft position of the hood. Lateral adjustment to align the hood with the scuttle edges is usually done by twisting/bending the hinges to the left or right. Packing washers can be used but I wouldn't recommend it as it lifts the surface of the hinge off the bulkhead and/or hood mounting.
All of this can take a considerable time as, at the front, any minor adjustment at the scuttle is magnified by the length of the hood. Adding the wings can be a trial but the time is well worth it when you stand back and look at those lovely parallel lines.
Richard Coombs

rich osterhout

The bit the windscren sits on. The only other name I have is 'shroud'. Lovely old English!
Richard Coombs

In the States I think we call that the cowl or cowling. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

C R Huff

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