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MG MGB Technical - Peco HDR fitment

This is a bit of an odd question considering I'm on my third HDR system!

Does anybody know how to set the system so as to maximise ground clearance? Maybe I've got a sort of mental block when installing the system, but the only way it appears to work on my '72 B roadster is having the main pipe hanging low with thus very little ground clearance. This is very visible when looking at the car in profile with a large chunk of daylight in between. It must be designed to tuck up near the floor of the car.

This is quite difficult to describe, but the outlet pipe from the silencer seems just slightly off the lowest point, if that's a clue. Plus I've also got the Peco HDR manifold.

A photo of a successfully installed system would be great.



P A Allen

Peter, a foto of your arrangement may be a cluealso. I have not got a peco system, but whay I noticed when I fitted my current system, was that the engine might be sitting low cannot see why if engine mounts are correct etc. the exhaust man simply cut and weld the pipes, a little bend here and there and it tucked in well. Mike
J.M. Doust


My two cents advice: have a custom tubing (1 3/4")made from headpipe ( exhaust guy made tubing over rear axle) and add a SS magnaflow muffler at rear (model 11113 or 11123) from ProfusionCustoms in GB.
As I mentioned, I had a similar made few years ago for my '73 B-GT and it was fine.

Jean G.

Jean Guy Catford

Have fitted many LCB manifold and sports exhausts from several manufacturers and have had to heat and bend them all!! I once had 3 from the owners club, all presumably from the same manufacturer, all different! I kept the third system and made it fit!!!
Allan Reeling

Jean Guy- I've about rattled out the single box on my 12 year old Peco and am thinking of replace options. You seem to have insight on a second box and I assume it's in addition to. More explain and a photo perhaps? Thanx for the help. Cheers, Vem
vem myers


Having MGs for many years I experienced a lot of systems. And here is where I stand now.

1- Free-flow systems
- Monza pacesetter was too noisy and did not last
-Ansa was very good but like all freeflow systems too noisy for my taste after driving few hours

2- customs made(like Peter) to maximize ground clearance

- two red bullet glasspack with normal tubing= noisy like freeflow system but cheap to buy.
- And that magnaflow, I mentioned, with only one rear muffler, quiet if you do not accelerate madly but gives a a nice loud sounf if so.

Unfortunately I sold that B-GT last year and do not have any photos. But the idea of over left axle tube was by that fellow at muffler shop. He was more american cars orientated that british and the idea of routing under axle shaft like original was an heresy. He took some measurements and "voilĂ " it yielded to a very nice result.


Jean G.
Jean Guy Catford

JG- Yes, in my opinion the system hangs too low when they go under axle. And if one of the straps stretches or breaks, adios muchachos. I can live with the old Peco, although it trombones on acceleration at around 42-4500 rpms. Maybe a Monza tail piece with wadding. Vem
vem myers

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