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MG MGB Technical - Repair Times

As a matter if interest I was looking for the ICME repair times for renewing the overdrive unit on a 1975 MGB GT, just, remove and fit a new unit, encountering no other problems, or if anyone has taken this job in for repair, how many hours were you charged, Thanks A.T
Andy Tilney

Andy, I've had a look on the web and can find little information for MGB repair times, but I did come across this site, although it is for Triumphs.

On the 7th page down it lists remove and refit an overdrive for a Spitfire as 5.8 hours, so that should give you a rough idea.

Andy Robinson

Thanks Andy I also came across this while looking for MGB info, you are right, there is little information out there on this subject,
Andy Tilney

Ive done that job..

Id say 4 hours out and 4 hours back in. That's conservatively working cleaning and re tapping all the holes.

AFAIK a Spitfire gearbox can be removed with the engine still in situ, so not really that helpful.
Dave O'Neill 2

I was with a pro recently who did an MGB clutch change in about six hours, engine out only. More work to get the gearbox out with it, and having done both more time to replace an OD on a removed gearbox than a clutch on a removed engine. Got to be around eight hours.

Spoken to my pro, he reckons 12 hours.

I have the Repair Operation Times - AKM 8070 from May1979 - remove and replace OD unit is 7hours 30 mins

In my experience 8 hours is needed - there is usually some hangup like rusted bolts or an OD that won't slide on the gearbox splines first go!

I have also tried just pulling the engine forward off its mounts and dropping the OD clear of the fixed crossmember to do the swap from underneath - I don't recommend it - it takes as long and is more difficult to get the OD unit splines lined up.

As for engine out / in times the book says 4hrs 50 mins - though I can do it in 3 hours on a good day!
Chris at Octarine Services

Since this info seems to be a bit rare, I have scanned the Repair Operation Times for MG Midget & MGB onto my forum -
Chris at Octarine Services

thanks chris. just been reading other good stuff on your forum.
Graham Moore

Sorry for my late reply I have been away in Germany, and have just this minuet got back, Thank you for all for your reply's,and thank you Chris for the copy of the book times,I thought about 7 hours for that job, I am pleased I don't have to work to these times anymore, and having to do 2 B clutches in a day, like in the past. A.T
Andy Tilney

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