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MG MGB Technical - Some MGB parts

I am going to be shifting some old stock / used parts on Ebay to clear the storeroom.

If there is anything wanted just let me know and if I have it I'll list it for sale and accept offers from BBS members.
Chris at Octarine Services

It has been suggested that I should list the items but, to be honest I have bins full of stuff, including carbs, manifolds, engine blocks and parts, front crossmembers, seat frames, fuel tanks, dashs etc. Plus lots of nuts, bolts, studs, washers etc.

Some parts are new but most are good used parts.
Chris at Octarine Services

Has nobody asked about a hydraulic brake light switch?
Nigel Atkins

Lol - I might have one or two - I'll have a look but small parts are good at hiding!
Chris at Octarine Services

a working RVC Tacho?
for the new engine installation!

And did you have time for looking at that 1622?
Dominic Clancy

Dominic - if I had an RVC I would have brought it with me - plenty of RVIs though ....

Not got to the 1622 - been away in italy again 8-)
Chris at Octarine Services

Dominic, do you need a 1622? I have a Sherpa 1622 block, later water and oil pump etc, can be built to your spec.
Pistons are new Powermax 1800. Alloy flywheel.

Bottom end only!

Colin Parkinson

Thanks Colin, but I already have a good 1622 in the car, a spare to be rebuilt at Chris Betson and the 1950 waiting to be installed.

I need to sell a 1622 rather than buy another!
Dominic Clancy

By any chance would you have the sender unit BHA 4471.
Am desperate for one
vignes pillai

No Vignes, I don't.
Chris at Octarine Services

vignes pillai


look here
Dominic Clancy

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