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MG MGB Technical - soundproofing adhesive

I have acquired some new under bonnet soundproofing panels. These are the thick original type which need glue fixing to the bonnet. The original ones fell off the car many moons ago.
Looking in the archives, there isn't a definitive adhesive to use.
I assume an impact adhesive is required.
I had thought of carpet spray glue but the soundproofing is quite heavy. Normal contact adhesive would be messy to use of the woolly surface of the soundproofing.

Anyone got any suggestions ( from experience if possible!)



Yes spray is best, brush-on just drags the fibres all over the place. If you can get some that gives some slip then fair enough, otherwise you will have to get the positioning right first time. I found it needs at least three coats on the sound proofing and a couple on the bonnet, tacky between each coat. I used Evo-stick (there are a couple of different grades) but something for the building trade may be stronger. Ideally remove the bonnet and weight it down all-over, although I have done it in-situ with laths wedged under the reinforcing bars to hold it up. Or you could put boards across the opening and dust sheets bundled up on top of those with the bonnet resting on them, and more weight on top.

Doesnt someone do a heatproof aerosol glue?

Moss maybe?
Colin Parkinson

Here you go ...

Sorry for the long link !

I picked mine up from MirrorTrim,a couple of years ago, can't remember what I paid. I expect it is widely available.

Underbonnet trim still in place.
J N Gibson

I fitted new underbonnet soundproofing panels to my BGT recently. The panels were supplied by Moss and are the original felt type. This is what I did:

1. Brush PVA adhesive (slightly diluted, 10% water) onto the felt side of the soundproofing. When dry, apply a second coat and allow to dry.

2. Brush high temperature/heat resistant contact adhesive onto the felt side. Only one coat is required (the PVA reduces the absorbency of the felt, and also prevents the felt from coming apart when the contact adhesive is brushed on).

3. Brush contact adhesive onto underside of bonnet.

The contact adhesive I used was 'Heavy duty high temperature contact adhesive' supplied by Wayside Adhesives:

I've used the same contact adhesive when doing a full re-trim of the car interior (important to use high temp adhesive for roof lining and insulation).

Another brush-on high temp adhesive which I have used is Woolies High Heat Resistant contact adhesive S1358/AF178:
Brian Shaw

i use trimfix too. ebay /amazon

Graham Moore

I used Nemesis from Screwfix, works really well.
Pat Gregory

I used ordinary EVOSTIK contact adhesive applied to both sides. Pads are still in place 5 years later. I have to say the pads I bought weren't as heavy as the original 'hairy' type, but do they need to be. They certainly look better
Paul Hollingworth

Thanks for the advice.

I think I will use some high temp contact adhesive - the brush on type. I have found some spray carpet adhesive in my garage lying around so probably will give the sound proofing panels a couple of thin coats of this to act as a sealer for the fibres.

Also I think removing the bonnet is the way to go!!

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