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MG MGB Technical - Sump baffle drawing for 18V engine?

Does anyone have a drawing of the sump baffle modification for an 18V engine (sump part no. 12H3541)?
I have read that it is available on page 457 of the Bentley MGB manual, could someone post a copy?
There are plenty of drawings around for the 18G/18GA/18GB engines in books such as

But these aren't correct for the 18V sump, also I noticed there is an error in the Special Tuning drawing (anyone else found it?)

Mike Ellsmore

Hi Mike
Never had a problem with the drawing, except that if the sump's not deepened the baffle needs to sit a bit higher and that front turned up lip has to be flattened off a bit to suit.
Only error I can see is that 20g=.036" when we all know it's .0359"------ha ha ha ha
interesting 20g wire spec =.0348"
One would think 20g=20g whatever the material

Where is the difference with the 18v pan apart from marginally wider and slightly squarer accross the front of the well, the baffle still fits up---unless I'm missing something----?
William Revit

Willie, The difference I see with the 18V to 18GB sump is the right rear corner were the drain plug is - the 18V has a chamfered corner where the the 18GB is a rounded corner. The baffle drawing shows this as 1 1/8" radius so this has to be altered to make it fit (as well as marginally wider as you say).

I realise these are easily adjusted but was just interested to see if there was a 'Works" drawing for the 18V baffle out there.

Mike Ellsmore

Oh by the way, the error in the drawing in the Special Tuning Manual is at the front of the baffle. The radius on one side is listed as 1 1/2" and on the other side 1/2". It is obviously supposed to be 1 1/2" both sides - somehow the "1" got left off.
This error is repeated in the Huffaker Competition Preparation manual but it has been corrected in the Mike Garton book Tuning BMC Sports Cars.

That is enough trivia for today - now for the AFL Grand Final West Coast v Collingwood!


Mike Ellsmore

There you go--learn something every day--

Ripper Grandfinal, talk about down to the wire---that's how grandfinals should be

William Revit

That's the baffle made, now to weld in. I made a template for next time so I don't have to worry about all those 64th of an inch measurements when marking out!

Mike Ellsmore

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