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MG MGB Technical - Sun Visors MGB Roadster

I am about to fit sun visors to my MGB Roadster, any help and advice would be much appreciated.
How deep into the frame does the glass go.Thanks in anticipation. John Cook.
JG Cook

Are you sure it's necessary? We both wear baseball caps in the roadster and they shield lower sun than any sun visor I've ever come across.
Paul Hunt

John.. I removed the sun visors in my MG because they kept interfering with the raising and lowering of the top. As Paul posted, wear a baseball cap (large beaked) and it will be more effective than the sunvisor,


1979 MGB
gary hansen

Mine are keeping the sun off a box in my workshop.

Imo, they're a waste of time.
John Bilham

I've also removed mine. They interfere with vision at the best of times. You lose a good inch of screen visibility.

Herb Adler

Low sun in the winter, combined with a wet road does make driving the roadster a bit dodgy. so I bought a set of visors. After seeing where they mount on the frame and the way they would interfere with the hood, I decided not to fit. ( sold em on ebay) Sun glasses and cap was the answer. Trev
Trevor Harvey

I had visors fitted to my previous Spridget, they're smaller than the B visors as you can imagine and not much use anyway but they still got in the way of lowering and raising the hood

you can see them on this photo of the car taken shortly after I got the car

Nigel Atkins

On my Midget I got a roll of tinted plastic which was about 3" wide and worked really well.
Allan Reeling

I fitted a shade-band similar to that when I got the ZS, after the other cars it was like driving a greenhouse. Why anyone would go for a panoramic glass roof beats me.
Paul Hunt

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