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MG MGB Technical - Tie rod back nut stuck

Hello Members,

I am working to replace the steering rack seals (among other things) on a 1968 MGB-GT. I have prised the outer tie rod loose from the swivel pin on the back plate and re-set it to attempt to loosen the back nut on the inner tie rod from the outer tie rod and it's a b_ _ ch. I put some heat on and tapped the nut in both directions with a proper spanner and 2 LB. hammer. As yet I have no movement. I've added penetrating oil and stepped away to consult with members. I presume the correct loosening direction is forward to front of the car for the back nut. Any helpful hints or encouragement is welcome at this point.

Stephen Lofaro
Simi Valley, CA
Stephen Lofaro

Have a read of this document
Also read the mgaguru pages on steering generally - as MGAs are first cousins to Bs!
Mike Ellsmore

What are you using as a heat source? Propane just won't get the metal hot enough to loosen a really stuck nut. I just went through this on my '87 Chevy 4X4 pickup truck. My propane torch was next to useless, so I brought out the big guns; an oxy/acetylene torch. Everything was freed up in less than a minute. RAY
rjm RAY

Hello Guys,

Stepping away was good. A little penetrating oil...some tap, tap, tapping, and yes, more HEAT did the trick. I did not have to bring out my tanks...the propane worked once I felt certain I could (should) add more heat thanks to your advice. I got the rack seals off...and an now tearing down the suspension for a good clean-up and refurbishment. I have an MGA 1500 roadster I did over again in it comes back pretty quickly now, and must say, I love the MBG-GT.

One more question at the do I remove the down rod of the anti-sway assembly from the A-arms that hold the spring pan?


Steve Lofaro
Simi Valley,CA
Stephen Lofaro

"how do I remove the down rod of the anti-sway assembly from the A-arms that hold the spring pan?"
From this I'm assuming the nut and link through the arm rotates without loosening?
Only solution I know of is to cut it off and fit new.

Anyone else got a better solution?

Best of....
M McAndrew

This is the best thing I have ever come across for heating things up, you get the heat exactly where you need it, and there are no flames to,set fire to any thing else in the area, and its very fast, its made by snap on. A.T

andy tilney

Mike, I'm not sure that was the question, as it was a bit vague.

My initial thought was in relation to the spring.

I've only ever removed mine when I was dismantling the A-arms, so the spring was out. I don't know how easy it is to remove/replace with the spring in situ.

The Mini-doctor looks like a handy piece of kit, if a bit pricey!
Dave O'Neill 2

I've had a similar problem with the drop-link on the rear dampers, but was able to cut part-way through the nut then chisel the two halves apart enough to remove the nut and save the drop-link. I can't remember if it is rubber at the front as well but heat, even very focused, would not be good.
Paul Hunt

Hello All,

I have been able to get the entire front suspension apart now on the 1968 MGB-GT. Thanks to all for the various forms of advice on this. I have cleaned the parts thoroughly at this point and coated with rust neutralizer. Renewed the inner and outer bearings on the front wheels and set them aside as I am now progressing into the engine bay to remove all parts for a fresh painting along with the underside of the fender wings. I plan to use an aircraft paint remover to dissolve the undercoatings and get down to the metal to renew things. I purchased a relatively inexpensive pressure washer to help this process. Have any of you experience doing this? Interested to know any ideas as I proceed.

I am wondering about having Whitworth tools? I have seen some sets on ebay, like an 8 pc combination set. Up until now I have gotten along without them but there are some times I think they would be helpful to have. Does anyone use them on their cars? Are they worth purchasing?

Stephen Lofaro
Stephen Lofaro

I don't think whitworth is what you want
I assume you are using metric tools
A set of imperial spanners would be the go
William Revit

Hello Willy,

I usually get along with SAE tools except for an occasional need to go to Metric, that is right. I have never heard of Imperial Spanners before...intriguing. Where do they fit into the measurement universe!??

Stephen Lofaro

Hi Steve,

What Willy means by "Imperial" is a set of AF Spanners for UNF and UNC threads - something maybe like this:

Andy Robinson

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