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MG MGB Technical - Track rod ends

Just a quick one here. I have virtually finished all the suspension re-build. New track rod ends, and a quick 'string' set up for the tracking prior to taking it down the tyre man for the 'official' tracking adjustment. Here is the problem on one side the new track rod stayed 'tight' enough to lock up the nylock nut. On the other side the whole ball joint is now turning so the nyloc nut is not tightening and the track rod tapered rod just moves up and down to the tune of 2-3mm. I thought, well, if I drive down carefully to the tyre place I might be ok, but maybe not. What is the trick? somehow one has to hold the tapered end tight enough for sufficient friction to overcome the joint moving. ( I cannot get the nyloc off to use an ordinary nut to tighten it all down, then use the nyloc!) Mike
J.M. Doust

It's a bit late to tell you now, but if you are using nyloc nuts you should always use a plain nut first. You could try jacking up under the TRE, that often works.
john wright

I have used a jack GENTLY pressing under the ball joint to press the cone in. Press gently and try tightening. If the cone is turning press a little harder.

HTH, Mike

A two-leg puller around the tie rod end may pull it into the taper and give enough friction. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's done this.....

(Or even a tie rod splitter, if the bolt is long enough?)

David Overington

I use the plain nut first as well, having tried tapping the taper into engagement, squeezing it in etc.
PaulH Solihull

Yep, much as I thought, I will have to perservere with these tricks. Thanks all, Mike
J.M. Doust

Just jam a long prybar into the suspension, such that it forces the taper into the hole, put a block or jack stand under the end to hold it in place if you use a really long bar. Tighten nut.

FR Millmore

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