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MG MGB Technical - tuning

hi all,
how many of you have used the gunsons colour tune on your car. do you get good results. i want to use it on my 6cyl C. can you just use one and do the front 3 cylinders first then the rears or do you need 2.

regards bob.
bob taylor

Bob, I've used a Gunsons Colour Tune very successfully on my 76 4cyl Roadster and have had excellent results. I used mine to adjust the mixture on each carb individually, i.e. cylinder 1&2 first, followed by 3&4. You would obviously have to do 5&6 as well. My car has HIF carbs, which I had no problems tuning. The key thing after each adjustment is to give the engine a rev and then let it settle again.

I can't see the need to have to use more than one Colour Tune.

Andy Robinson

thanks andy
bob taylor


I've used a pair of these for years to good effect, I found using just 1 a pain swapping it back and forth. I picked them up at autojumbles, people don't seem to want these anymore and you can normally get them for a couple of quid if you can find them.

R.A Davis

Only issues I have with my colortune is the new fuel blends don't seem to give the same color. Not sure if this is due to the alcohol or additives.

I can still use it to balance the mixture.
Bruce Cunha

Maybe it's because yours is spelt wrongly ;-)
G Britnell

Never was a great speller, and auto correct makes it even harder.
Bruce Cunha

American English!!**
Allan Reeling

I have used Colour tunes on the B very successfully. I managed to buy 2 which allows me to get the same colour in both 1 and 4 , a mid "Bunsen" blue. Using 2 eliminates the "guess work" in matching the colour in both pots making for a better/even mixture and a smooth running motor. Keeping them in I then used a carb syncro to balance the carbs and can then easily re-check the colour. HIFs are fitted.

Ray Bester

"Maybe it's because yours is spelt wrongly ;-)"

Or maybe not -

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