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MG MGB Technical - Turn Signal-steering shaft position?

My '69 GT has a turn signal problem. It won't turn off after turning (except manually). I replaced the turn signal assembly(I had a simuliar problem on another B)...but the "old" assembly looked new with no broken/lose parts, and the new assembly does(doesn't do) the same think.
Taking off the steering wheel, I note that it looks like it may be(the shaft)180 degrees out. If so, what will I need to do to fix it...I can't hear the clicking turn signal, and it drives my wife carzy...along with driver behind me.
Photo shows position with wheels straight ahead. Note the "unclicker" at the 2 o'clock positon.

Joe Walck

Just turn the "unclicker" to the appropriate position - it is only held to the steering column by friction. (At least mine is.)
I also fitted a small buzzer to the flasher unit so that I can hear the clicking turn signal in my roadster (about $3 from electronics stores).
David Overington

I found I had this problem ('79 GT) after installing a reconditioned steering rack - its shaft had been fitted 180 degrees out. To avoid the hassle of removing the rack and repositioning the shaft I filed a new flat at the end of the shaft (180 deg out from the original flat) so that when connected to the UJ the "unclicker" was correctly positioned.
Brian Shaw

The clip seems to be welded...guess I'll just get me a buzzer. David, how/where did you attache the the buzzer?
Joe Walck

Can't you just reposition the shaft in the UJ?

Herb Adler

My wife just said this "blog" is better than HAM radio...Thank you "world" for the help. Thank you MG World.
Joe Walck

I adjusted mine a few weeks ago and it was held by friction only. A small tap with a screwdriver and hammer and it was done.

RA Potter

Thank just appeared welded, I tried your suggestion, and it worked fine. Thank you all.
Joe Walck

The buzzer/beeper is simply connected across the two contacts of the flasher unit.
Sorry about the late reply - glad to hear you have been able to fix the problem.

David Overington

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