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MG MGB Technical - Washer Switch

My 74 GT came with an electric washer motor, however this was jerry wired into the dash with big red 1.5mm cables, I know this isn't correct, so what should my car have, it's currently away for spraying so I have no access, but I'm accumulating parts at present in order to rebuild. There did appear to be an ugly aftermarket switch just pushed into the centre hole on the dash, is this the correct position, or was this an MOT pass bodge?
Pat Gregory

Hiya Pat,

From new would have had a manual plunger type washer pump fitted to the left of the wiper switch in the centre of the dash. Think only the USA and some left hand drive euro cars had the luxury of electric screenwashers till the rubber bumper cars were introduced to the UK home market.
SR Smith 1

A (working) manual plunger type is fine for MOT and retains the original look if you want it. An electric pump may give you better performance if you require it. The switch will be a matter of personal choice (and fitting a ? round hole) but there are "flick type" switches available which look "period" even if not actually original.
Michael Beswick

If you want a correct looking push button switch, go to your local electronics shop and look at the assortment of switches they have.
In the attached phot the one I found can be seen, just above the oil pressure / temp gauge. The hole in the dash needed to be open up a bit.


Herb Adler


What you need is a Lucas SPB105 push button switch, I have one fitted and it looks as if it was always meant to be there.

There's also an SPB106 that has spade terminals and I assume it's the same size but can't confirm that.

There's also a copy version, see last link


R.A Davis

I installed a push button momentary switch inside my original Smiths plunger style washer pump. It's held it in place with a small length of rolled up thin sheet metal and secured in place with a sheet metal screw through the side of the pump's housing. The two wires exit through the back of the "pump". It looks totally original and can be used with any of the after market washer pumps currently available at your local auto parts outlet. RAY
rjm RAY

Thanks all, perfect answers!
Pat Gregory

Tnx Bob for a very elegant solution.
Steven Rechter

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