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MG MGB Technical - waterless coolant

has anyone tried waterless coolant .? what are advantages and negatives? thanks Doug
dd doug46chief


There are some opinions about it on the Sprdget side under the topic "coolant question".

C R Huff

This cropped up elsewhere recently (not Spridgets). Expensive and not necessary.
PaulH Solihull

Pros; No corrosion, much higher boiling point so doesn't need to operate at the same system pressure, doesn't damage paint.
Cons; Bloody expensive. Which maybe OK until you have a leak and have to replace it!! You also have to use an expensive cleaner for the system before you put it in.
If it was a reasonable price it might be it might be worthwhile.
Allan Reeling

"much higher boiling point so doesn't need to operate at the same system pressure"

Doesn't *need* to is true, but it's a factor of the coefficient of thermal expansion of the two products that will determine whether Evan's Waterless has a lower (or indeed higher) pressure at a given temperature than another coolant. In the previous discussion someone claimed there was zero pressure so his hoses would never burst. I note one of their headlines states 'NO PRESSURE' but the small print only claims lower pressure. Regardless of what the liquid does the air in the system (of which there is always some in a correctly filled system) will always expand and hence generate some pressure ... unless the coolant contacts when heated of course.
PaulH Solihull

The point is Paul, whatever the pressure in the system it doesn't boil, and therefore suffer the losses associated with boiling. Still wouldn't lay out the money though!
Allan Reeling

Running no pressure, in the cooling system, would lead to cavitation at the water pump inlet. This would reduce cooling system efficiency by at least %20 and lead to increased wear of the water pump. RAY
rjm RAY

We lost a race engine twice inexplicably till the owner told me he had changed to waterless colant. Nothing removes heat better than water, specific heat capacities are compared to base number for water. This waterless stuff talks about aircraft use, great, the problem with altitude is preventing the coolant from freezing with a low powered engine....not much bhp needed to cruise along at altitude!

It cost me a lot of labour and the customer had to pay for parts for two rebuilds.

Engine just got hotter and hotter till it nipped pistons, went back to pure distilled water, perfect running temps!

Enough said?

Very expensive and you need to buy some stuff to clean the system before use. It has worked ok in some race engines when specail water pump and rad and work on cooling system done!

Peter Burgess Tuning

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