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MG MGB Technical - What belongs here?

1972, LHD, North American version.

One of the common frustrations of working on a molested vehicle is that things have been removed and there is little clue as to what. Picture is of forward kick panel on RH foot well. You can see the outline and weld nuts for something. I can't imagine that it is anything critical but would be good to know anyway.

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I will know exactly what belongs there.

G Oakes

I've got a 1972 model. That's where the Car Number plate attaches.
Stephen Strange

Thats where the stop fits for the gas pedal goes on the right hand drive cars.

Ste Brown

Ste has it, see attached. Looks like yours had a patch over it to prevent water ingress.

PaulH Solihull

You are quite right Ste Brown. Stop Bracket, part number AHB7162 page 53 Moss catalogue. Johnny Cook
JG Cook

Thanks for the information. Obviously this is not used on my LHD version so when I do the repairs on the panel I won't have to be overly concerned but keeping the weld nuts.

Lesson learned - If I do this again, I need to post a wider-angle picture so it is clear where I'm looking.
G Oakes

Stephen - I've never heard/read of car number tag being mounted here but obviously it is long gone on my car. I assume that is the oval outline visible in my picture. Fortunately the dash mounted VIN plate has original rivets and is undisturbed (plus car is legally titled) so the fact that it is missing doesn't concern me too much.

Thanks for the information

Greg Oakes
G Oakes

I was referring to a plate that was used at the assembly plant for production tracing, not a Commission Plate used at the body assembly plant or the plate for legal MOT or DOT identification.
Stephen Strange

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