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MG MGB Technical - Where do bullet mirrors go ?

I have a couple of bullet mirrors from Moss as a present, but do they go on the door or wings. I don't seem to get much of a good rearward view on the door, but don't really want to drill into the wings. Looking on the web doesn't seem to help, they seem to go both ways.
Gerry Lodge

Best place for them is in the bin as they don't suit the car.
Iain MacKintosh

It depends on the type of mirror you've got and the field of view of the mirror.

If you have plane glass, the best place is on the door - you're close to the mirror so the you can see more objects reflected in the mirror.

If you have convex glass, the best place is on top of the wings, the wider field of view lets you see what is behind and next to the car on each side.

I had plane glass on the wings when I bought my MGB and the mirrors were as good as useless, only worth having to fulfil the letter of the law. Changing to convex glass made all the difference.


Out of interest which and where mirrors give the best results, I've got the tex door mirrors and I need to move my head to get a decent view. I'm thinking about putting a Mini type quarter light clip on mirror.
c cummins

These mirrors were originally installed by the BMC dealers, back in the '60s, on the doors. Mine was in very poor condition when I bought my '67B in '72. I've since installed the Tex mirrors, in place of the originals, but find myself having to move my head, to get a proper view, just as Mr. Cummins mentioned. RAY
rjm RAY

I stuck mine on the doors. They are flat glass and the drivers side one is brilliant. The one on the passenger side totally useless. I stuck on a curved blind spot mirror and that's made it much more useful as I now get a very wide view of that side of the car (including the blind spot). Mine are bolted through the door skin just below the rear edge of the quarterlight window. I think they are Raydot replicas.
Simon Jansen

Iain, I was thinking the same thing, but didn't have the heart to post it...


With my 71 MGB I mounted bullet mirror on the fenders. They were great for reward viewing.
Except at night.
No way to get the lights from the car behind you from shinning constantly in your eyes.

If you like this style of mirror then go for it. On the doors look better (over the crack of doom). They were a present after all, but if you decide to follow comments on this forum then sell them on eBay. You will get nearly, if not all the cost back which you can use towards a mirror style you like. I sold my one old battered Tex mirror on eBay and purchased a nice quarter light overtaking mirror with the proceeds. Does the job. Some MGB people will buy anything MG related on eBay and if is hard to find they will pay a premium. I know! Most of my car has been brought and sold on eBay!
Albert Gate

Ah, Ralph but I have a habit of opening my mouth first and thinking later !!
Iain MacKintosh

Iain (and Ralph), people are allowed opinions and others don't need to agree. No problem you posting them. One of the really nice things about this particular BBS is we don't tend to get into pointless arguments over it. Not so many 14 year olds driving MGBs I guess. And now we know what to not get you for Christmas :)

Simon Jansen

Well said Simon. How's the roadster behaving and have you got over your overheating and front suspension problems yet. Hope you haven't killed off any more young ladies in the meantime !!
Iain MacKintosh

Well, no young ladies about at the moment so the car is behaving. Well, mostly. Front suspension is good now except I think one of my front dampers is leaking. Seem to have some fluid on the spring and front edge of the crossmember and that's the only place it seems it could come from. The over heating still worries me but the gauge is usually on 3/4 so I think it's fine. Seems to be a lot of heat around the car though after a good run. She's never boiled over though.
Simon Jansen

No possibility of the crankshaft front seal weeping is there and the pulley throwing the oil?
Iain MacKintosh

I don't think so. The fluid isn't black or dirty. It's clean. Seems to be coming from around the lever shaft I think. I need to remove the front wheel to really see I guess.
Simon Jansen

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