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MG MGB Technical - Which body sealant/adhesive in UK

Hi, which brand of body sealant or body adhesive product available in the Uk would you recommend. I need it for sealing the wing to boot corner gap; similar to the original rubberised type of sealant aor other minor gaps.

Iwan Jones

Not sure which corner gap you're referring to Iwan. I've used Upol Grey Stripe seam sealer which stays flexible (rubbery) and can be overpainted when fully cured.
Brian Shaw

I believe he means the gap between the boot floor and the rear wing.

My car has a strip of foam rubber filling the gap.
Dave O'Neill 2

As far as seams go I used 3M 25 years ago, still sound.
Paul Hunt

Depends how big the gap is. CBS do a roll of Butyl sealer. It's about 8mm Dia, but can be stretched smaller. It's incredibly sticky, non hardening but not sure about it's paintability.
Other joints (wings etc., have been sealed with PU sealer. This is a great "glue", can be "tooled" smooth, is very flexible and IS over-paintable.
Allan Reeling

3 m is certainly a good sealer but try one of the Wurth ones which is probably even better
Iain MacKintosh

Hi I find the upol brush on stuff very messy. 3m is ok; will try wurth.

Anyone have information regarding panel glues, i.e. the ones that are supposed to stick panels together without welding.
Iwan Jones

This thread was discussed between 13/12/2014 and 21/12/2014

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