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MG MGB Technical - windscreen/quarterlight seal

The windscreen to quarter-light seals on my roadster are split and tatty, it also leaks water in around there. I have seen in the catalogues that replacement bits are available but before ordering I wondered how these are fitted and is it much of a job to replace them.
Trevor Harvey

I assume you mean the rubber that is fixed to the screen frame and which the quarter lights butt up to when the door is closed. These rubbers simply slide out of the channel on the screen frame - well they should, but they could be stuck after decades of being there. The rubber has a T-shaped moulding on its back which slides into the channel that is part of the frame. A new one can be slid in from the top using some lubricant. Then it will need trimming for shape and length at its ends. See Paul Hunt's piece on doing this by going to to this URL and then scrolling down until you find the heading "Screen to 1/4 light seals". If you click on his photo it opens a series of pictures that should help you understand.
Mike Howlett

AFAIR Mine has a thin metal strip with 2 holes inside the moulding. Corresponding holes were in the channel in the frame. Small holes in the moulding betrayed the method of fixing-push small screwdriver thru the moulding! Whether this was fitted by a PO to hold knackered mouldings in place, I don't know. As i didn't know any better back in 2002 I refitted moulding, strip and screws. If you can't simply slide the moulding out, this might be the reason.
Michael Beswick

Trevor, Michael is correct in that if they are origianl a narrow aluminum strip holds them in place with 2 small screws. Remove the screws through small slits in the rubber and they pull out.

The new ones should slide in with soap and you don't need to refit the aluminum strip; they will never come out. I have tried rubber seals from Moss and MacGregor (Canada) and they both seem too firm and so closing the door needs greater effort to compress the rubber seal.

If you find one that works well please advise.


Andy Preston

Thanks for the advice. I have had a look and there was a thin strip holding the seal in place with two small screws. To my supprise they came out easily and the seals slid out. I am awaiting delivery of the replacements.
Trevor Harvey

I have fitted the new seals, after removing the thin metal strips, I cleaned the area with some wire wool then, as advised by Paul brushed a little Swarfega type hand cleaner on both surfaces, The new seals slid on easily. I cut an angle to the bottom so it fits more snug, eliminating the gap that has been there previously.
The doors do need to be slammed a bit harder than before and I have smeared a little petroleum jelly on the seal where it closes to the quarter light, this has helped and it should ease in time.
Andy, I got the seals from Sussex Classic car parts UK. only time will tell what the quality is like.
Trevor Harvey

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