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MG MGF Technical - alarm

hi can someone tell me if there is a coolant alarm
on the 03 mg tf not sure if factory fitted
thanks rob
r williams

>not sure if factory fitted

I don't think so. You could easy check that.


no its not fitted as standard

MG began fitting some of the coolant alarm components in the second half of 2004.
I say some of the components as some cars were just had the revised instrument cluster with warning light fitted. Some just received the revised expansion tank with sensor, and some had both tank and and instrument cluster but not wire to connect the two.

It wasn't till very late 2004 that the complete system began to be fitted, and this was carried over onto 2005 cars, which all have the alarm.

You can retrofit the alarm by fitting one of the kits available able or making your own system using the newer expansion tank with sensor built in. Brown and Gammons sell a kit of all the bits needed for 90.
Steve White

We're fitting one of these aftermarket kits to an F at the moment.

Ralph Gadsby

If you haven't done it, do it, - THE only essential F/tf add on, all the many other bits are optional.
C.R.B. Simeon

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