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MG MGF Technical - Ashtray

OK the ignition is waiting to be fixed however I have also come by a chome ashtray (Do I like bling? yes) how do I install my new ashtray? do I have to remove the centre console?

Regards Bob
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

IIRC the ashtray unit is held in by a combination of gravity & friction - remove the insert tray, and the casing should pull out quite easily.

Do you have the chrome cigar lighter already, or is that on the 2010 Santa list..? ;o)

Will now try with a little more force thanks.

I got a nice alloy cigarette lighter with my ashtray.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

It might have a clip front and back.

You could remove the cubby box, which will allow you to get to the underneath of it and push it out.
Sam Murray

Remove the inner tray first.
There are 2 clips that are located at the front of the ashtray box which you can see when the lid is open. Very carefully prise (towards the rear) the 2 fragile plastic clips (using a small flathead screw driver) and slightly lift the ashtray box. When the clips are clear of the centre console edge, then lift up the ashtray box but when doing that close the lid 1/2 way so that the box can be withdawn upwards.

This way the fragile plastic clips will remain intact instead of breaking..



Yes that was how I did it - but as it was some 14 years ago I wasn't sure until Branko reminded me.
Ted Newman

I remember now!

My replacement chrome ashtray has a metal clips front and back.

I removed the plastic guts and use it for storing very wee things.
Sam Murray

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