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does the mgf have an automatic choke can they stick close or open what are the symptoms if is not working right ....

thanks guys and girls

to all you mgf owners happy driving

is there any meets happening soon around the milton keynes area cheers

No choke as such but the injection system enrichens the mix when cold based on various temp sensors fitted to the engine - no doubt the real experts will be along soon!

As Tony says - no automatic choke. The Idle Air Control Valve controls the air intake (which works a little bit like a conventional choke in so far as it allows more air into the system to control idle speed), and there is a cold start ignition and fuelling map in the ECU.
Rob Bell

Yep, if you are running a higher idle RPM even with the engine hot then you probebly need to clean the brown sensor wiring (spray contact cleaner on the plugh and socket and plug/unplug a few times) If this does not cure the problem then a new brown sensor is required.
Will Munns

hi will

wheres the socket on the car sorry for being a novice

is it at the back where should i be looking ???

darren milton keynes

Darren, look towards the bottom of this link:
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 20/01/2005

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