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MG MGF Technical - Can't get the new brake pads in - why ?

Just got a new set of Ferodo FDB 603 brake pads but having fitted them, can't get the caliper to drop all the way down so that the bottom bolt can be refitted and I just can't see what's stopping it.
If I take either of the new pads out and put one of the old ones back in it will drop OK, the caliper can be pushed that bit further over to drop to the bolt, the pads look almost identical to the originals, thicker obviously, but nothing glaring to suggest the pads are wrong.
The piston is fully back so that's OK.
Any suggestions ? - don't want to put the old ones back having gone this far and don't want to start on the other wheel (front) until I know what's wrong.
John Mac

I have never fitted Ferodo but you say 'almost identical' so there is a difference. What is it ??
OEM Pads have shims fitted. EBC do not. Have you refitted the shims with Ferodo when they may not be required ??
Are the Ferodo pads slightly larger such that they are fouling on the unworn/rusted disc ??
Just points that I would look at first.
Goff F
G. Farthing

I would say the Ferodo pads are identical in size to the originals, the only difference being cosmetic, the backs were fitted with a "Blue rubbery" covering less tham 1mm thick, I actually removed one to see if that was causing the problem - it wasn't.
I haven't fitted the shims that were and still are on the originals in case I need to refit them.
The new pads are 11mm thick whereas the originals were about 4mm.
The caliper would appear to be able to be pushed far enough over but when you lower it down you can feel it is touching the top of something presumably the new pad but not when the orignals are put back in - mystified !!

John Mac

Is this front or back? Presumably standard calipers? The anti-rattle springs on the new pads may be much stiffer than the saggy ones on the old pads, requiring a good heave or levering with a big screwdriver to get the caliper into position.
Mike Hankin

>>when you lower it down you can feel it is touching the top of something presumably the new pad

Sounds like thats the problem IMO. Place the pads back to back and compare the size. If the new pads are larger (even by a small amount) you may need to file the back plate on the new pads till it is the same size as the old ones. This should give you have enough clearance to lower the caliper and get the bolt in. The pads should be a snug not not tight fit in the caliper. If they are too tight they can jam in the caliper, stopping it working.
Steve White

Thanks all for the suggestions.
They say if you look at it long enough you will solve the problem - problem solved, on one wheel anyway, just about to start on the second (front).
I think it was a combination of stiff anti- rattle springs and not perhaps "cleaning" out the debris properly from under the old pad - anyway it finally "fell" into place and works fine.
Fingers crossed for the rest.
Thanks again.
John Mac

This thread was discussed on 30/10/2005

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