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MG MGF Technical - Central Locking

I seem to have a problem with the central locking on my TF160 - not sure if its a wiring fault as I can't use the key fob to remotely lock the car or the alarm goes off, so have been using the key to manually lock/unlock the door.
I have noticed it occasionally makes a strange whirring noise when locking which sounds like the door's central locking system, but since yesterday this now happens when I remove the key from the ignition and is also louder, also when I unlock the doors.
I have tried using the spare keys in case it was a fault with the main key fob, but it is still occurring.
Any knowledge on this or advice??

Many Thanks
MJ Ashurst

Removing the key from the ignition will arm the immobiliser, but that's purely electronic so wouldn't give any noise. That, plus the alarm going off when you use the keyfob, seems to point to the alarm ECU not behaving the way it should. At its heart lies a microprocessor, so perhaps it's worth a try with the good ol' reboot - disconnect the battery for an hour, re-connect & see if it's still doing the same.

In the meantime i sit OK to drive, it won't suddenly lock me out the damm thing will it or cause any other problems ??? As a female I won't be disconnecting the battery etc, so would have to find someone else with the time to do that unfortunately.
If it is alarm ECU do you think it might be expensive to sort out ? Am thinking of popping to local garage down the road at lunch, who have a good reputation, its just I can't afford huge (or really any ) repair bills and certainly not till payday. But its causing me concern, in case its going to get worse or result in me not being able to drive it (i.e if it decides to deadlock or anything) ?
If I sound daft, forgive me - i'm the female type who obviously doesn't know much about cars ( a bit, but not when I need to like now !)
: )
MJ Ashurst

Since the car is locking & unlocking OK with the key, and the immobiliser is disarming correctly when the key goes into the ignition, I wouldn't anticipate anything untoward happening as a result of simply removing power for a while. But, you're wise to be cautious... Perhaps do it when the car is at home and you have ample time to arrange alternative transport, that way you're almost guaranteed not to have a problem ;o)

Unless your local garage is an MG Rover dealer they're unlikely to have the ability to plug in a diagnostic kit to the car. It's possible that the ECU will have an error code stored that will identify the problem, but to access the error log you'll need to book a diagnostic session with either an MG Rover dealer or a specialist who has the TestBook equipment. So, saving that expense until all the possible no-cost fixes have been tried would seem a good plan.

Hi MJ,

bit late but I have just seen your post.

I went down the ECU paranoia route last year ;(

Are you sure it's not the fuel pump that's whirring? or the fan cooling the engine (mine does this after I switch off and remove the key and as far as I'm aware it's completely normal). I also had some 'light screaming' noises whilst driving which was a bit of a worry until I found out I had an after-market coolant level sensor fitted.

A Steventon

As a precaution should the Immobiliser activate. do you have the Emergency Key Access Code. This is the Code which enables you to over-ride the Immobiliser by turning the Key in your door lock each way rather like a safe. Instructions are in your drivers handbook.
I would encourage everybody to check that they have this code and include a test at each Annual Service.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

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